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Teaching about jackfruit (to pre-schoolers)

One of our original Kickstarter prizes was a pre-school lesson plan + lunch; this was something we were really excited to do. Last week I headed to a Portland-area preschool, full of 4 & 5 year olds, with a jackfruit and a world-map in hand (both were donated to the school). The classroom gathered around on the carpet, in front of the reading chair, as I introduced myself. "Tofuna Fysh...

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Jackfruit? The trending vegan food

Widely used for centuries in various cultures throughout Asia and beyond, Jackfruit is now establishing itself in the US as a versatile, nutritious and well-textured substitute to meat. From vegan pizzas, the BBQ "pork" sandwiches, this unique fruit has a lot going for it - exoticism in the US notwithstanding. Here's a graph showing jackfruit's search popularity over the years - see the...

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