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Food Fight! The spot for vegan groceries in Portland

Now available at - a staple in Portland, the number #1 spot for convenient, novel and delicious vegan food - Food Fight! The exclamation mark is part of the store's name, but we would have added it anyway right there. Around since 2003, Food Fight! Grocery is known (along with their neighbors in the "world's first vegan mini-mall") for supporting "our global community of...

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Tofuna Fysh hits the ground running: May 19th

On Tuesday May 19th, twelve units of Tofuna Fysh veggie salad arrived at People's Coop to go on sale for the very first time ever. By the next day, all twelve units were sold and a new batch of 14 was delivered  on May 23rd. Sampling on Wednesday, during the long-running farmers market at People's, a crowd of curious people wanted to know what Tofuna Fysh was all about. Those that tried a...

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Organic Soy vs Textured Vegetable Protein

What's the difference? Organic textured soy is made by removing soybean oils using a natural water process*, then cooking, extruding and drying ground soy which is later re-hydrated in water (and organic apple cider vinegar). It is not processed with any chemicals and there is no unnatural residue. *most non-organic soy (aka: soy protein isolate, soy protein concentrate or textured...

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