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Nutritional Label – veggie salad

Tofuna Fysh: veggie salad Tofuna Fysh is currently exempt from requiring Nutritional Labeling, since we are a new company with limited annual sales - which is great because it allowed us to get to market faster and less expensively! That said, we do hope to include nutrition info on future iterations of our packaging as we expand our product line and increase our sales volume. As you can see...

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Organic Soy vs Textured Vegetable Protein

What's the difference? Organic textured soy is made by removing soybean oils using a natural water process*, then cooking, extruding and drying ground soy which is later re-hydrated in water (and organic apple cider vinegar). It is not processed with any chemicals and there is no unnatural residue. *most non-organic soy (aka: soy protein isolate, soy protein concentrate or textured...

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