Fysh not fish,  perfect in any dish.

food and wine top pickWith just 1 product, a vegan ‘tuna’ salad, going into Portland VegFest, Tofuna Fysh® launched a (2nd) Kickstarter campaign for their brand new Fysh™ sauce on November 15th. In the 4 months from inception to production a small buzz began to build. Food & Wine featured Fysh™ sauce, with other new products from much more established vegan food brands. How did this happen? Luck, timing, and a great product. Here’s the story…

About halfway through the Kickstarter and Fysh™ sauce was already fully funded, cruising along nicely, though very few people had actually gotten to try it. An email from Food & Wine, dated December 11th, stated that the magazine was working on a story about vegan food and requested Fysh™ sauce sample – they needed it asap and provided shipping details even paying for shipping. We didn’t have a sample bottle available at that time so we made one immediately and mailed it the same day, excitedly but not getting our hopes up (with label and packaging still in the prototype faze). After several weeks we’d successfully funded the Kickstarter and were finally ready to move forward with the first production run but had all but forgotten about the prospect of being featured in Food & Wine (playing it cool 🙂 ) Eventually we had to reach out and check

so… about that Fysh™ sauce we mailed… what’d ya think…?” and that’s when we received confirmation that Fysh™ sauce was novel and tasty enough to be featured in the March edition. Along with affirmation, we received a copy of the article requesting that it not be shared until the magazine officially hit newsstands. Yessssssss! To see our new product alongside these other great products from brands with such notoriety is fantastic.

Along with Fysh sauce, which provides a “briny seaweed flavor that mimics fish”, other products featured include: Ben & Jerry’s line of vegan ice cream, Follow Your Heart vegan egg, Miyokos delicious cheese, Daiya and their mac + cheese, and Hampton Creek (makers of Just Mayo) and their vegan cookie dough, ready-to-shape veggie burgers Made by Lukas, and almond-milk yogurt by Kite Hill were all chosen as winners of the F&W taste test.

As vegan options continue to become more mainstream, buyers are in a great position to support brands that align with their own values while eating increasingly delicious and versatile foods.

Tofuna Fysh is a startup vegan food brand based in Portland, Oregon. Fysh sauce is made with organic tamari, rice vinegar, pineapple juice, an organic seaweed blend (laver, dulse, sea lettuce) and wasabi – it’s from the vegan sea + gluten free.