Fysh, not fish, oilOmega 3 supplements are a multi-billion dollar a year industry worldwide, expected to grow to $20 B by 2020, with products derived primarily from crude fish oil (or from other sea-life like krill). Algae oil is a sustainable, ocean-friendly, source of omega 3’s unmatched in plant-based alternatives. Fysh Oil® is a new dietary supplement from Tofuna Fysh®, cultivated from lab-certified algae high in DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), the essential fatty acid scientifically demonstrated to improve heart & brain health. As the market for plant-based foods grows, supplement makers look to keep up with trends to meet demand. Dr. Scott Doughman PhD., managing Fysh oil® production, in collaboration with Tofuna Fysh®, has this to say:

“Plant-based diets with abundant fruit and vegetable intake, while otherwise wholly nutritious, are inefficient at delivering adequate levels of DHA. Since the human body readily converts DHA into all other Omega-3’s, algae oil is the most effective way to supplement any diet with essential fatty acids. Seed sources, like flaxseed (high in alpha-linolenic acid [ALA]), are not an adequate substitute and unless an individual eats two servings of fish per week minimum (or supplements) they will be presumably be at sub-optimal levels.”  liquid-fysh-oil-bottle-w-lemon

So “Y” Fysh®, not fish? Tofuna Fysh® is dedicated to conservation through food and education with products that are “ocean-inspired, plant-based”. The Y represents a plant, as illustrated across their expanding line of vegan goods: Fysh® sauce and Tofuna Fysh® veggie salad (classic ‘tuna’ salad, chickpea dill, & spicy ceviche), which use certified organic seaweed for ocean-flavor and nutritional benefits. Fysh oil®, made with Chromista micro-algae (Schizochytrium sp.), is the  company’s first foray into the highly competitive supplement market. Tofuna Fysh® launched in May, 2015 and was founded by Zach Grossman in Portland, Oregon.

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