Located 45 miles south of Portland, Green Acres Farm Sanctuary aims to create compassion through rescue, education, and service. They offer educational tours, work parties, and volunteer opportunities. But most importantly, Green Acres provides refuge for over 125 animals including: chickens, ducks, goats, sheep, and horses.

The mission of Green Acres Farm Sanctuary is the prevention of cruelty to, and the commercialization of animals, especially farmed animals. We put this mission into action by providing shelter, care and board to abused, abandoned, and unwanted farm animals. We look to inspire change through creating a place where members of the public can have positive interaction with farm animals by providing for their care and the animals can, in turn, educate them about the abusive use of farmed animals.

After their most recent educational tour, on August 14, visitors were served a 100% vegan lunch spread which was donated by several different food companies – Tofuna Fysh was excited to be one of those companies. We look forward to further such opportunities!