Widely used for centuries in various cultures throughout Asia and beyond, Jackfruit is now establishing itself in the US as a versatile, nutritious and well-textured substitute to meat. From vegan pizzas, the BBQ “pork” sandwiches, this unique fruit has a lot going for it – exoticism in the US notwithstanding. Here’s a graph showing jackfruit’s search popularity over the years – see the trend.

Jackfruit – young green jackfruit specifically – has an especially similar consistency to flaky fish, particularly when combined with other ingredients to make Tofuna Fysh. It’s fibrous nature gives jackfruit a desirable texture while also allowing the fruit to take on any flavor that it’s combined with. Mixed with soy protein, celery, onions, organic seaweed blend, and vegan mayo, jackfruit is the perfect supplement to a deliciously balanced meal.