It’s hard to believe that it’s only been about 45 days since the Tofuna Fysh Kickstarter was successfully funded!

Really hard to believe. Here are some updates…

Kickstarter Rewards:Ā t shirts have been ordered! I can’t wait until they’re done so I can ship them out to everyone, and also add some to my wardrobe collection. Once the shirts are in, I’ll fulfill everyone’s order (from the $2 backers to the $50 backers – also working to get all my Portland compadres their 1 lb. orders) and then shift my attention to the $100 & $250 levels (catered lunches + lesson plans šŸ™‚

Sales:Ā Tofuna Fysh continues to sell off the shelves very consistently. We were just at our second farmers market (Montavilla) and once again sold everything we had with an hour still left in the market… even though we made a 25% bigger batch than the last market! Plans to expand into more stores and more markets are in the works but we (I say ‘we’ but really it’s just ‘me’ currently) are working to hire our first employee to kick things up a notch.Ā 

Promotion:Ā Word has been spreading about the deliciousness of Tofuna Fysh but in order for it to catch on even more we’re working to polish our branding a bit and create some more marketing assets such as this lovely image below. More to come on this front soon.

photo credit: @littlebirdvegan on Instagram
photo credit: @littlebirdvegan on Instagram

Oh yea, and I was a guest on my first ever podcast: Vegan Snack Attack

Thanks everyone for your support, encouragement and enthusiasm!