For the superstitious: keep an eye on May 4th, the first of 4 overlaps between Meatless Monday and Meatless May – the combined power of M4 (Meatless Monday/Meatless May) and the intense synergy these days achieve, may result in life-long carnivores spontaneously transitioning into 100% plant-based vegans – swearing off all animal products. This, of course, is a heavily disputed phenomenon and one that needs further investigation.

This is an importantly valuable time to reflect on what each of us eats in a month. A month-long recognition period in which we are reminded to think about where our food comes from.

We produced an animated video which tastefully – but unapologetically – brings the horrors of factory farming to light, through a combination of spoken word and illustration, asking viewers to “think about your order next time you dine.”