It’s been a little while since there was an update – so here we are, already in mid-September, 4 months after launch. I’m proud to announce that we just got into two more prominent Portland co-ops this month, Food Front & Alberta, and sales are beyond steady at all 6 current retail locations with interest shown from California up to Washington (and Philly of course, among other cities). We’ve done a few more farmers markets and demos, continually gathering feedback and taking notes as we hope to release a few new products by the end of the year. The newest product will be a Soy-Free version of our veggie salad, and we are also hoping to release a spicy version as well. Additionally, 2 brand new products are in development and we hope to announce them by November where we’ll have a booth for VegFest.

For anyone that has not yet gotten their Kickstarter reward, we’re still working on a few but please email us for an update if you feel that you should have already received your reward, or if you have any questions at all. Turns out it always takes a little longer than planned! Shirts should be out to just about everyone though – thanks for sharing your pictures!

Some major initiatives for the coming months:

  • redesign packaging to account for multiple products, make it faster and less expensive to package, and also extend the shelf-life while including tamper-evident seals.
  • work with co-packers and consultants to scale up or wider distribution and brand recognition.
  • continue to research distribution possibilities that will efficiently take Tofuna Fysh to new markets outside of Portland.

Thanks for the support!