On Tuesday May 19th, twelve units of Tofuna Fysh veggie salad arrived at People’s Coop to go on sale for the very first time ever. By the next day, all twelve units were sold and a new batch of 14 was delivered  on May 23rd.

Sampling on Wednesday, during the long-running farmers market at People’s, a crowd of curious people wanted to know what Tofuna Fysh was all about. Those that tried a sample, served on a cracker, were overwhelmingly impressed with the novelty and taste great taste. After discussing jackfruit, or addressing one of dozens of great questions that came up, many asked where they could find Tofuna in the store. I directed them straight through the door to the left small refrigerated display where 10 oz. of Tofuna Fysh veggie salad was available for $5.99. Between 2 and 5 pm there were 10 units sold, by the end of the day the product was sold out.

With plans to visit Seattle on Thursday, sampling and spreading Tofuna the following morning after the sell-out, there wasn’t time to restock the shelf at People’s so the Tofuna Fysh spot became overrun with other products – oh no. By Saturday morning Tofuna was restocked with 14 units and more sampling sessions are planned.