Tofuna Fysh: What is it?

A new and exciting food brand! Unlike fish that’s acquired in environmentally harmful ways,
Tofuna Fysh is committed to sustainability.

We make food that’s convenient, versatile, and delicious.



"be the change you want to see in the world." - every vegans favorite quote..!

  • No Meat!
  • Community
  • Healthy
Changing the world, one meal at a time. There simply is no reason to continue eating meat & supporting factory farms or any other form of animal cruelty – including the commercial fishing industry!
Building a network of like-minded people helps to continue the meat-free movement forward. How many vegetarians do you know?
You are what you eat. Both mental and physical health benefits from a simple choice.
  • Education
  • Healthy mind & body
  • Great tasting food


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Vegan Haven

Vegan Haven – Seattle

Located in Seattle's University District you will find Vegan Haven - Washington's 100% vegan store. Formerly called "Sidecar for Pigs Peace" because of their affiliation with Pigs Peace Sanctuary,...

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Where to buy

let us know what stores we should get in touch with.

Fysh™ sauce is now available on Amazon! Plus a growing number of retailers, see list below.


More about Fysh™ sauce

food fight logo

1217 SE Stark St, SE Portland


3029 SE 21st Ave, SE Portland

3434 SE Milwaukie Ave. SE Portland

both locations: NW & SW

NW: 2375 NW Thurman St
SW: 6344 SW Capitol Hwy

830 NW Everett St. Portland in the Pearl

1500 NE Alberta St, Portland

1500 NE Alberta St, Portland

Seattle: NE 55th & University Way

New Seasons logo

now at the Seven Corners location! (SE Division St.)


“Fantastic…phenomenal…the best…”

VeganFoodiots – “that’s really good!”


fresh, delish, Tofuna Fysh: from the vegan sea, it’s gluten free.

**we also have an animated rap video about factory farming. please check it out.**


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